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New Port Richey Boot Camps

Derek Kuryliw – New Port Richey Boot Camps

Derek Kuryliw is the founder and operator of New Port Richey Boot Camps. For over 7 years he has been helping people of all ages in New Port Richey achieve their fitness goals. With a large training facility, private training, nutritional coaching and boot camp classes available, Derek has been able to steadily grow his business to where it is today.  There are many reasons why his business is successful today and one of them includes having a well-designed website not only for possible new clients, but for his existing ones as well. We built with modern HTML5 language and mobile responsive CSS so you can see his services, schedules, success stories, photos, articles and more on any device. All of it available easily while creating a positive and encouraging environment for his members and potential ones.

To give you an idea of some of the content he adds regularly, here is just one of his many success stories.

Mother of 3 finds HUGE success (don’t just get fit, Live Fit!)

After having a very difficult delivery of my third child and suffering from PPD I gained a lot of weight.

I wanted to make positive changes, get myself out of the depression, and get rid of the weight that was causing my body pain so I started playing soccer for the first time in my life with a women’s league.

I joined the gym and another boot camp and saw some improvement in my weight but nothing huge. After a not so great experience I was hesitant to try another boot camp but my friend Janine kept telling me it was different at Livefit and that I would love it.

Soon after, the next upcoming challenge came across my Facebook news feed so I jumped right in and signed up for the 6 weeks. From the first day I absolutely loved the atmosphere, the trainers were all very friendly, and the people were so nice.

When I started I was still struggling with back pain because of my scoliosis and I could not do a sit up because of the damage that had been done from three c-sections but they helped to modify exercises.

I started training with Rich two days a week about a month after I started boot camp because I wanted more. I love training with him, he doesn’t ever let me give up when my mind wants to. I really feel like I found my love in weight lifting.

Food, yeah about that, it’s what is hard for me, Derek’s nutrition seminar really gave me a better understanding on how to make food my fuel.

I was still struggling big time with the emotional eating habits I had started when I had PPD and it showed at the end of my first challenge. I did okay and was still a top finisher but it wasn’t good enough, I knew I could do better. I was working my butt off and I needed to get real with food.

As Derek would say, “you can’t out train a bad diet.” After that I really put what I learned in the seminar to work. In six weeks since I dropped from a size 16 to a 6!

When I started it was hard to make it through but I kept pushing. I have no trouble doing sit ups at all now and I feel younger every day.

My kids have their happy mom back and they are really picking up on the whole fit life thing with me which I love!

I have a body fat percentage goal but my biggest goals are all about those weights I want those numbers to go up… say what? Yep, I want to lift more, dead lift more, and squat more.

I’ve only been there four months and they have changed my life so much in that short amount of time.

I am so glad I joined and only wish I had started sooner!

It’s a good feeling to know you have contributed to another person’s success and to see them happy with the results that they have earned. As you can see Derek enjoys helping his clients with fitness as much as Tampa Bay Web Design Firm enjoys helping businesses with their websites. Just like weights when you use your website properly and consistently, good things will happen.


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