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What You Need to Know About Business Website Design for 2015

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What You Need to Know About Business Website Design for 2015

The new year is here. What have you done this first month with your website to help your business grow? If you simply are not getting the traffic you need from your Tampa based business website, you need to rethink your strategy! Here at the Tampa Bay Web Design Firm, we want to help your business website become better this year.

Here are some tips and tricks to instantly help boost your business website to new levels.

1. Have your business phone number prominent on the website. It is shocking how many businesses do not have their phone number where people can see it to make the call for business.

2. Be sure to include your location in multiple locations on your website. People will look at the bottom of your website as well as on your contact page.

3. Have your social media accounts link to your website. This not only helps keep people connected to you, but will help overall Search Engine Optimization due to backlinks to your accounts.

4. Content is king – be sure to have content that will help your potential buyer/client gain knowledge for their decision to hire you or not. Do not leave it up to chance.

5. Modern design helps convert potential clients into customers. Having a dated website design can really hurt your business. People will not take your business seriously if your website presence doesn’t reflect a professional business.

There you have it, 5 instant fixes to any business website that will have an immediate impact. The goal with any existing business website is to start small, do not overwhelm yourself with doing everything at once. Google and other search engines love when people build their web presence in a more linear fashion. It will take longer for results, but the long term results are worth it!

Interested In Having Us Look At Your Business Website?

We have highly talented and knowledgeable  team that can help you bring your business website to new heights. We can optimize your current website or give it a redesign. We help local Tampa based businesses with their web presence on a daily basis. Let us help you. Get the conversation started by contacting us today.


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