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The Importantance of Mobile Responsive Websites Today

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December 11, 2014
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The Importantance of Mobile Responsive Websites Today

Mobile Responsive Web Design

Let’s face it, whether you’re found online or offline, your website should be mobile responsive for visitors on every device so they can find your product or service! When a person hears about your business in today’s modern world, they usually take out their phone and search for you. If your website doesn’t properly show up as mobile device friendly (aka responsive), Google will let the prospective client know! Take a look at this picture below, it will let the searcher know if your website is mobile friendly. We hear it all the time from businesses that need mobile websites, but don’t understand what a completely mobile responsive website design can do for their business.

What is Mobile Responsive Design?

google-mobile-responsive-tampa-bay-web-designResponsive design means that your website will adjust to the screens resolution size whether it be on a desktop computer, mobile phone or tablet. Having this ability in your website markup gives you a dramatic upper hand when it comes to your business online! All of the images and structure will conform to the size of the device rather than your developer or website development company design a separate mobile experience. This not only is the new standard for web design, Google actually prefers mobile responsive design over dedicated mobile websites.

Let Us Help Your Business Website Get Responsive

Are you looking to impress clients with a new mobile responsive design? We can help! Here at the Tampa Bay Web Design Firm, we create mobile responsive website designs locally, here in the Tampa area for businesses of all types. Be sure to contact us today to get a free quote for our services to turn your website into a lead generation, responsive machine!

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