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Why Every Business Needs A Custom Web Design

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April 13, 2016
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Is a custom web design by a credible company worth the investment?

It’s becoming more enticing to avoid the initial $8,000-$30,000 investment when do-it-yourself solutions like Squarespace or Wix are widely available. We don’t blame you, a great website is a considerable investment.

It’s like buying a car. You want something that will last longer, maintain its value, and impress anyone who looks at its slick curves and shiny exterior.

You are creating a vehicle to drive sales for your business.

We have listed out 5 reasons why it is essential for small businesses to invest into a custom web design to explain the benefits of taking the leap:


Websites help you attract higher paying clients.

Consider these brand statistics from Access Development:

  • 44% of millennials say they are loyal to brand they buy from.
  • 52% will choose quality over price.
  • 28% of consumers are loyal to their providers.

Creating a unique website that people immediately recognize helps customers remember your company and its services.  

As well, consumers will judge your website as either trustworthy or usable by the design of your website alone.

This information is especially helpful for small & local businesses because you can immediately differentiate yourself from the competition.

By placing yourself as the highest quality solution, you open yourself up for the 52% of consumers who will choose quality over price.

Store Layout In Web Design

Physical retail stores have tested and measured the effects of store layout for decades, and it is exactly the same for online stores. The placement of your products changes how many people visit your store, how many people buy, and what products they buy.

These two tips alone can drastically help you sell products on your website:

  1. Don’t place all your merchandise on the home page.

Physical stores don’t place merchandise near the entrances of their stores because customers don’t notice merchandise that is 15 feet or closer to the entrance. They call this the decompression zone.

Give your customers time to acclimate and understand what your website is for.

  1. Don’t offer to many products at once.

Studies have found that when you offer more products, more people will go to your store. Isn’t that great!?

But here’s the issue, a vastly smaller percentage of customers will actually buy your product. When you offer less products, less people will browse your products, but you can expect a 20%-30% increase in customers actually buying your products.  


When a customer faces too many choices, researchers have found that they suffer from something called “decision overload.”

Website Appeal

Creating a do-it-yourself website would be great, but unfortunately layouts aren’t specifically targeted towards pleasing your ideal consumer.  

A Porsche is amazing… until you go off-roading — then you want to be driving a sturdy jeep. No layout fits all customer needs and wants.

That’s why web design can make or break your website, it only takes a customer 50 milliseconds to decide if a website appeals to them.

Think of a company who is selling toy cars for children ages 5-7 versus a company who is consulting with businesses on legal matters — the customer is completely different.

In the first scenario, we are dealing with parents who want to buy a safe product for their kids to enjoy.

In the second scenario, we are dealing with a business owner who is seeking legal advice.

Imagine how different each website should be to appeal to each customer.

Let’s compare two websites:

Lawyer Web Design

This website is sleek, simple, and organized. It represents what I want from legal services. I might not feel inclined to trust their legal services if the website was hard to navigate, confusing, and full of bloated, heavy colors.

Picture of Hot Wheels Web Design

Full of colors, pictures of kid having fun, and cool images of their products in places that capture your attention. I would be completely confident that I’m buying a product a kid would enjoy.

Both sites couldn’t be anymore different. But yet they fulfill the needs of their specific industries.

Pages With  Purpose

Your website needs to do one thing really well — assist you with generating more sales.

Some companies decide that means hard selling customers on every page. But every page should be leading customers down a sales funnel in a different way.

Some pages are meant for browsing products. Other pages could be for educating prospects on what your product can do for them.

Web designers understand how to use the intricate webbing of your website’s layout to lead customers through sales funnels that intrigue, educate, and ultimately sell your service or product.

Sales Funnel Process for Content Marketing

Content Marketing Sales Process via Laurie Caradonna

Future Changes

By getting a custom design from a reputable web design company, you will avoid incurring costs that come with cheap website solutions.

Maybe you hire a cheap developer to add a payment feature to your website. A problem will arise (they always do) and suddenly your payment process doesn’t work for 20% of FireFox users.

Cheap developers lack accountability, and this is troublesome when you need a developer’s help for routine maintenance and glitches. That’s why a partnership with a great web development firm is so important. You will get quick changes and fixes without incurring the costly hourly fee of a confused developer, and cheap developers have been known to disappear on their clients.

There have been examples of websites being made for $5,000 and causing a company $30,000 in future unexpected expenses.

By spending the right sum of money from the beginning and hiring a credible web design company, you avoid the paralyzing costs that could hurt your business.

Reputable web design firms follow strict coding styles. This allows you to work with future designers and developers without scrapping your initial investment. As well, changes to your website will be easier and more efficient. This will lead to cheaper web development costs in the future.

Hiring a cheap web developer won’t only cost you your initial invest, but also time and money you could have been using to build your business.


A custom design is like buying a car. You want the right features, reliability, and future opportunities a great website can provide.

Maybe you need a website to drive sales.

Maybe you want to rebrand your company to appeal to a different customer.

Maybe you need to attract new prospects to your services.

With the variety of choices a website allows for your business, a web design firm can help you create a website that is memorable that will give you a competitive edge. A website is an investment. And a good investment brings in a good return.

In the 21st century a custom web design is possibly the most important decision you can make for your business, and most successful companies make the initial investment without hesitation.  

Tampa Bay Web Design Firm can help you create the best vehicle for your investment. Quick, reliable, and a memorable websites that drive traffic and keep customers coming back.

We’re so confident we can help you with your website’s design we are prepared to offer you three things right now:

  • Learn what kind of website you need for your business.
  • Refine any plans in the future for your current website.
  • Give you tips and advice on how to increase website speed, conversions, and rankings.

Here’s our number. Call us right now for further information and help with your website’s design:  727-237-2035

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